Goddess Bs Slave Training 101 - Mo.ther Encourages you to Sign over Everything

Goddess Bs Slave Training 101 - Mo ther Encourages you to Sign over Everything

Goddess Bs Slave Training 101 - Mo.ther Encourages you to Sign over Everything

Description: Mo.ther has been so good to you over the years, since you were a baby until now a handsome, smart, young, man ready to go Off on his own in life, you are such a big boy a matter a fact you are not a boy at all you are a young man. I know when Papa and Nana passed away they left you a large sum of money, who could be surprised you were their specially Boy and they wanted to make sure you had a good life...As do I my step-son and I have made sure to give you nothing but a good life, nurturing you and loving you I know you love your Mo.ther more than anything, I am and always will be your first love. I cross and uncross my legs as I continue to speak to you with my sensual and comforting tone, revealing through my tease that I am not wearing any panties. I remind you of how much you love me and ask you what you are willing to do to ? See Mo.ther has had some cash issues, Mo.ther has become very comfortable with her fabulous life style, I can't be expected to touch my savings or even worse have to get a job! Can you imagine your beautiful mo.ther being to stand around and deal with morons for 8 hours a day, I just can't be asked to do that and I know you don't want to put Mo.ther in that situation either, how could you rest at night or concentrate throughout the day knowing Mo.ther has had to give up her Perfect life...there is such an easy fix for this, all you need to do is sign over your inheritance give Mo.mmy total control and authority over that HUGE MOUND of Cash, you know I will make sure you have what you need while taking Great care of myself. I know you aren't sure if you should, since the money was given to you for a reason, but once I begin to tease you even further and instruct you to start stroking your cock for me...it is so easy for me to lure you into my loving and erotic trap...I decide when you cum and you can't help blowing your massive load as I lift my dress and blow your mind with this perfect Body and Tantalizing Pussy! How could you not be Sexual aroused by your Mo.ther look at me you could never get a woman as perfect as me...you should appreciate what you have and give Mo.ther EVERY last DIME YOU HAVE, Good Boy make me proud cum for Mo.ther! Email me Mo.ther and start serving now. Requirement a Sissy Baby, have a job, and in need of a NEW Mo.mmy for a twisted sensual, dominating, and humiliating relationship that will change your life. If you have a problem with any of the following DON'T BOTHER Me with an Email : financial domination,, adult diaper, cam session, showing your face on cam, able to contact me through NF, ready to transform into a full sissyboy, cross dressing, bi, cum eating instructions, femdom, and Goddess Worship. Anyone who meets my requirements will also have an option to one day serve in person after proper services and tasks have been completed and you earn the privilege. This clip contains Masturbation instruction, cock tease, bitchy princess, MILF, Goddess worship, boot domination, financial domination, control, orgasm, pussy worship, ass worship, tease, deny, up skirt, no panties, and so much MORE

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