Sara Saint - Your Mind Is My Playground I'm Stroking Your Brain With My Words - Humiliation POV

Sara Saint - Your Mind Is My Playground I'm Stroking Your Brain With My Words

Sara Saint - Your Mind Is My Playground I'm Stroking Your Brain With My Words - Humiliation POV

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Description: Here you are, ready to do your favorite thing. To stroke to me. Go on, put your hand on your cock and feel it start to get harder and harder in your hand as I begin to tease you with my perfect young body. Today I won't forbid you to stroke, in fact, I'm going to encourage you to do the opposite. I want you to goon non-stop to me. I want you to lose your mind. I know you're so surprised that I'm being so kind to you, but don't think about it right now, just enjoy my body and the opportunity I'm giving you to freely stroke to it. Take advantage of my kindness and just allow yourself to goon to my body. Feel your cock getting harder and harder the more I tease you.

Feel that beta dick throbbing in the palm of your hand, it's always extra hard for me. No one else can make you feel this way. No one else can get you this hard. And I'm not surprised by this, my control over you has been growing for some time now, and now it's undeniable. My perfect young body owns your weak beta mind. Don't stop gooning for me. I know you know how, you do it every night. And every night when you stroke you don't want it to stop, you don't want it to end. You just want to lose your mind and lose all track of time as you goon away for hours. I want you to goon to me all night long.

So why don't you goon your whole night away to me. Tonight. Look at my sexy body, it's so hot, so irresistible, it is here to be admired and worshiped. My body is divine. And nothing feels better than being encouraged to stroke to it by me. Nothing feels better than being teased by my perfect body. I want you to goon to me. I'm encouraging it. Aren't you so lucky? Nothing feels better than gooning to me so why not do it all night long? Over and over and over again. I will keep you up and hard all night. I am your goon fuel. I am all you need. You're so hard for me. It feels so good getting lost in this goon hole with me. You are my gooner, you are my puppet, my toy. So don't stop, just stroke to me. Show me how obedient you are. Give all control to me, just let it all go.

Sink deeper, the more you give control over to me the better it feels. You know it, that's why you are here again. You want to feel it over and over again with me. You want to feel my power controlling your mind as you stroke your cock. I am you stroking your brain with my words. My words stimulate your brain as much as my body does. I'm playing with your brain the way I want to. Your mind is my playground. And if I tell you to goon all night to me, then you will, without question or thought. You cannot resist me and it feels so good to obey. It's a privilege for you to worship me all night long. It's a privilege for you to stroke to me, to see my divine body on your screen. Your life would be so dull without me, so boring. You're so grateful for every moment I give to you, so grateful to be able to serve me.

I am the reason you are so addicted to stroking. You can't stop stroking to me. And I want you to keep stroking all night with no distractions, it's only you and me. Just goon. You will be thanking me for every stroke I allow you. Besides, what else do you have to do tonight? Lol. I know you have no better plans, so don't stop. Goon to me all night. You already bought this clip and you love it. So don't stop, buy another and keep gooning to me all night long. You will thank me for all this pleasure. You will thank me for this experience.

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