Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - POV Lifted & Controlled

Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - POV Lift Carry BJ in Heels

Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - POV Lifted & Controlled

Description: Custom Order
Feat. Dacey Harlot
When we meet, I will tell you, Dacey you cannot carry me in cradle like a b aby because women are the weak sex, while men are the stronger sex. The man only can carry woman like a b aby Dacey.
So, you decided to give me a hard lesson
Start of the details of video
You tell me Ok, but If I carry you in cradle, you will carry out all my orders, and you will receive severe punishment!
You start to carry me in cradle and you talk to the camera and you look at me, and you are talking with me, you tell me, you are superior and I am under your control, you can't do anything, your feet in air,
while my feet on the ground, I'm your boss now, carry out all my orders!
who is the stronger sex now?
who is the boss now?
admit the women are superior and can carry men like a b aby. I say to you "put me down, put me down", you tell me no, I will put you down when I'm ready not now, You should receive a humiliating punishment, after about 3 minutes you put me down.
You tell me severely go to the ground and kiss my feet; I'm watching your feet; you tell me to kiss.(1 Min)
You tell me now take off your pant and cum in front of me, you tell me come on come on
admit your defeat, I carried you like a b aby, you show off your muscles
After about 1 minute, you tell me good boy, you tell me you want to go home and then you throw me on your shoulder and give me spanking like you did in your video, you tell me I'm stronger than you? I tell you "yes, yes, put me down!", you tell me woman are the stronger sex? I tell you "yes, yes, put me down please!", you laughing so hard then you take me away.

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Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - POV Lift _ Carry BJ in Heels