Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - Lifted & Defeated

Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - Lifted Defeated

Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - Lifted & Defeated

Description: Feat. Reagan Lush
You've booked a competitive lifting date with Reagan, you really talked yourself up on the phone. You boasted about your skill, were cocky about your strength, you were arrogant really. Reagan was annoyed but confident it would be fun to find someone actually up to the challenge, for once! When you walk into the room Regan can't help but laugh at your stature...you're small, scrawny at best....untoned and undefined. You came in with a dickhead attitude, talking about how 'mEn ArE sUpErIoR'....you think you can lift Reagan, that you're stronger than her? Reagan laughs in your face, you are pathetic but she'll let you give it your best shot. Reagan makes a bet with you, if you can't lift her you're going to have to be her submissive little bitch and do whatever she says. Deal?
You come close and try to lift Reagan, quickly realizing muscle is definitely ALOT heavier than fat!! Reagan humiliates you as you try your hardest to get her up off the ground. You fail miserably, just as Reagan thought. Reagan is gonna show you exactly how easy it is for her to lift you up, she'll be showing you what real strength is. This is way easier than she even thought it would be! Do you feel small and inferior now, big tough guy? Reagan lifts you in lots of different ways, she's going to have you whistling a different tune by the time you leave here today. Reagan is going to have you admitting that women are superior and men are inferior by the end of this. She lifts you under your arms, by your throat, in a cradle carry, over her shoulder, on her hip, holding you over her head while she squeeze's your balls, she even cartwheels you around giving you a nice view of her pussy. Reagan demeans and humiliates you while she flexes, showing off her big biceps. She loves to emasculate you, make you feel tiny and puny and pathetic. Reagan thinks you might actually like getting defeated by a strong woman, it looks like its making you hard. Reagan is disgusted by you but there's nothing she likes more than making you feel small. Regan demands you take out your cock...or receive a beating from her, if you think you can take it. Your going to jerk your cock while Reagan flexes and you're going to jerk it exactly like she says. She makes you say women are superior and men are puny little pieces of dirt before cumming for her, she picks you up and spanks you on your ass making you say "Women are superior" over and over again! Reagan owns you.

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Dacey Harlot - The Harlot House - Lifted _ Defeated