Lady X - ME Suck and Make Me MONEY

Lady X - ME Suck and Make Me MONEY

Lady X - ME Suck and Make Me MONEY

Description: Madam E'van - Suck And Make Madam E'van - Money
DescriptionMadam E'van is a Tall Amazon 6' 0" 170lbs and a true Dom. This Lady is always about money. She has all Her slave Bitches making always money for Her. So, since you are one of Her new slaves, She will teach you how to make money for Her.

She will train you how to suck BIG BLACK COCK.

you are going to become Her little FAGGOT BITCH that sucks BIG.... FAT.... BLACK.... COCK! you will SUCK them how they want it. And you're going to give it to them nice and long. Says Madam E'van. you are going to lick from their balls to the tip of there BIG.... FAT.... BLACK.... DICKS. Best part.... you're going to learn to like it. So get ready to be trained personally from MADAM E'VAN.

Just Hope your mouth only Stretches and doesn't RIP.

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Lady X - ME Suck and Make Me MONEY