Miss Tiffany - Gooned Out Binge Addict - Humiliation POV

Humiliation POV - Miss Tiffany - Gooned Out Binge Addict

Miss Tiffany - Gooned Out Binge Addict - Humiliation POV

Description: Miss Tiffany!
You are my gooned out binge addict. Feeling weak for me? Of course you are. Nothing feels better than just giving in to it and becoming a gooned out binge addict, buying all of my clips. And I mean all of them. Binge for on my boot clips, my foot clips, my ass worship clips, my huge tit clips, you really have so many options when it comes to me. You get so weak for me, so hyper-fixated on jerking to me, that you start to spiral. And I fucking love that.
You see I can tell you exactly what I'm going to do to you in advance because you're such an idiot that you'll still get trapped by it. First, I'm going to encourage you to stroke to me, I want you to stroke to me, and I want you to get addicted and binge. One clip is never enough for you. You need lots and lots of clips to fuel your nightly goon sessions. So I want you to keep stroking and keep binging, and with each stroke, you become more and more addicted.
I want you to goon yourself stupid and make your brain nice and mushy, until all you can think about is stroking to me. That's all it takes. Your brain just turns off and then I go into that empty brain and I plant my little triggers. Why do you think you keep coming back? You are addicted, a completely gooned out binge addict. Buying more and more videos as you goon your brains out. You are infatuated with me. Spiral for me, idiot. The videos I make do all the work for me. I make them and they work for years on brainless little gooners like you.
I love going into your mushy brain and fucking it up. You are my addict and there's no where else you'd rather be than gooning to my videos, isn't that right, idiot? You know how brainless you are for me. Stroke that cock for me because you can't stop. I control your mind, I control your cock. You're my helpless little gooned out binge addict and I want you to show me with huge purchases of clips from my clip store. I'll have you so fucked up and stupid you'll be buying the clips of fetishes you didn't even know you have, just to see more of me, just to be more mindfucked by me.
Goon and fall deeper, idiot. Become my gooned out binge addict, loser. I want your binges to be so big that you actually make me notice you. I want you to sacrifice an entire paycheck on one big binge. Show me how fucking addicted you are. You know you want this, you know how good it will feel to load up that cart and stare at it while you jerk yourself stupid enough to press pay! Don't deny yourself the pleasure that will bring you when you click on that button. Ruin yourself for me. I want you to further your addiction and so do you. Get rid of all those silly thoughts in your brain to exercise self control. You know that doesn't feel good. Go do some real damage and feel the rush.

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Humiliation POV - Miss Tiffany - Gooned Out Binge Addict