Humiliation POV - Prrincess Cherry - Tell Her You're Working Late So I Can Fuck Your Brain & Your Wallet

Humiliation POV - Prrincess Cherry - Tell Her You're Working Late So I Can Fuck Your Brain Your Wallet

Humiliation POV - Prrincess Cherry - Tell Her You're Working Late So I Can Fuck Your Brain & Your Wallet

Description: Prrincess Cherry!
Hello beta boy. You can't focus on work can you? You keep getting distracted, your brain is wandering off, until you found yourself on my clip page. What's the matter beta boy, your wife doesn't do it for you anymore? I'll bet your sex life sucks if she even fucks you anymore. And how could you even fuck her? She's not me, her body doesn't compare to mine. Only I can fuck you the right way. So here we are at work, you can't focus, you need a little break. You need to give in to that urge so you can focus better, so that you can make more money, for me and obviously not for her. Why the fuck would she deserve it more than me? I'm so much younger and hotter. And I make your cock hard way more than she does.
I mean after all, she's the reason you're here. If she were better or hotter in any way, you wouldn't be here with me right now. I'm the reason you can't focus. You're a beta man, with your needs and only I know what that cock and that brain needs. She has no idea how to please you, does she? But I know exactly what you need. So find a secret place at the office, somewhere we can have our moment without that annoying wife of yours, where don't have to worry about her barging in and ruining our time together. You need this valuable worship time with your cock in your hand.
You Need this time with me. You crave it. You think about it when you're with her. Grab that cock and stroke it for my hot, young body. Here you can stroke all you want to me. Jerk all of that stress away. Pump to the fact that I am a perfect Princess, so much better than your wife. Pump to the fact that you're going to be able to focus after this. And then you can make more money for me. Every stroke you take brings you closer to ruining your useless fucking marriage. Which will free up more of your time for this, what you truly want. What matters most to you is being right here with me, milking that cock as I mindfuck you with my body and my voice.
Pump it for me, for the fact that I'm so much better than wifey. Jerking at the office for me should become a new ritual. Staying late after work and telling wifey that you're just so sorry but there are important things that you have to do. And that's not even lying. But it is cheating. You have more important things to do than rushing home to your ugly wife. You need your time worshiping me with your cock in your hand. I want you to look into my eyes and nod your head and agree that I'm Way better than wifey. Stroke that cock in agreement to the fact that I'm way better than wifey. Good boy.
Keep stroking to my perfect body. I am everything you need and more. You'll never be able to go back to fucking her. Pump it, beta boy. Good boy. Submit to me. Prove to me that you're my good boy and you'll do whatever it takes to ruin your marriage for me. Pump it good for me so that you can focus on work and make Princess more cash. Work extra hard for this body. Work hard so you can finish early so you can come right back here for another fix before going home to your miserable wife. Take one last look so you can get lots of mental imagery running through your brain, so you when you have to go home and face that boring wife, my body will be embedded in your brain and make it more bearable.
That's my brain, that's my cock, that's my wallet. You're my beta boy. Not hers. Get yourself right to the edge and cum for me, and only me. Now get back to work, beta boy.

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