Mandy Marx - Mandy's Mesmerized Gooning Zombie Boy Slave - Let Me Turn Your Brain Off - Humiliation POV

Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - Mandy's Mesmerized Gooning Zombie Boy Slave - Let Me Turn Your Brain Off

Mandy Marx - Mandy's Mesmerized Gooning Zombie Boy Slave - Let Me Turn Your Brain Off - Humiliation POV

Description: Mandy Marx!
This is an amazing mesmerize clip filled with audio and visual triggers. Mandy is an experienced mesmeratrix and you will fall so deep with her.
Lately I've been studying some mesmerizing stuff, taking a little course on it. And I need a study buddy, and so I picked you. There's no harm in it. I'm just a girl.
I want you to focus on me and take a deep breath in, slow and smooth, just like my skin. Exhaling smoothly, exhale slower than the inhale. Keep a steady rhythm to your breathing. Keep watching me as you inhale, and even slower exhale. Study my chest. Study my face. Watch me. Follow closely with all my instructions. I'm going to count back and everything will become so easy, so obvious, so smooth. Following all of my directions will feel so good and effortless. 5.. 4.. becoming more and more relaxed, 3.. you're feeling kinda floaty, 2.. 1.. feeling very tired. Now close your eyes (snap), and now you're dozing... Very good.
Keep your eyes closed as you are rewarded with the sound of my calming, gentle voice. (Snap) Open your eyes. Good boy. Can you feel how good Goddess feels? How good it feels to serve Goddess. How good it feels to be suggestible, manipulated, molded into a better version of yourself. Don't stroke yet. Don't worry, I'm going to make you soon. And wouldn't it feel so good to be commanded to stroke by your Goddess? I can tell by the look on your face that my techniques are really working. Don't stroke yet.
Your hand becomes more and more excited to touch and tease and stroke and pump and goon. Your hand is getting mesmerized too. Your hand is leaving and separating control from your brain. It's beginning to work on its own. You'll begin to stroke your cock in a gentle brain slumber in 5, 4.. you're feeling so aroused 3... your hand is inching towards your cock, 2.. wrap your hand around your cock, ONE (snap) Stroke for me and slumber, let that brain snooze as your hand stays awake. (Snap) Open your eyes and with your eyes open, your brain stays off and you stroke for me. Just feel the pleasure. No cumming, just stroking, getting closer and closer for me. Stroking and edging and gooning forever. Your brain is trapped. Your stuck, mesmerized in a deep slumber and your hand and your cock awake and working, pumping, stroking for me.
Stroke for Goddess. Stroke for Goddess. Endlessly. You can never stop stroking for me. And now I'm going to make it absolutely clear how I'm going to use you. You are always stroking for me. Stroke. More addicted to me. Deeper and deeper. Connected to me. In service to me. Stroking for me. Paying me. Being my personal servant, taking care of all my needs. Never stopping stroking for me. Stroke for Goddess. for me. I'll even give you little breaks along the way. You are trapped stroking to me. Never stopping, stroking for me. Doing chores for me using only one hand because the other one will always be on your dick stroking. Stroke for Goddess. My stroking slave zombie boy, my goonning stroking zombie boy.
And if you ever get tired of stroking I'll just say, 'Stroke', and then you'll keep stroking and stroking and stroking. This is your new goon lifestyle and you can't do anything about it because I'm just too good. And this trigger is planted too deep in your mind to ever stop. This is your life now. You're a goon now. You're my goon now. Stroking zombie assistant slave boy. You're so lucky to be my slave, my goon. Because I'm just so perfect. I'm everything you've ever wanted. And you get to stroke for me. Stroke for me. Stroke all the time...

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