Lucid Lavender - After I've Already Exposed You - Blackmail-Fantasy - Humiliation POV

Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - After I've Already Exposed You - Blackmail-Fantasy

Lucid Lavender - After I've Already Exposed You - Blackmail-Fantasy - Humiliation POV

Description: He when you do what I say. And it's not like I don't have more against you. I have so much. I have an entire file of pictures and videos and text messages and emails. I know, I'm a little brutal, but you wanted it. You like it. I mean look at how hard your cock is right now. I bet you want me to touch it. Only good boys get their cocks touched.
Lie on your stomach, hands behind your head. Good boy, see how quick and eager you are now? Did you just need a break? Were you exhausted from all that I was putting you through? I don't feel bad for you. You asked for it, you wanted me to go all in. And then you couldn't handle it. You didn't think I would actually expose you. Well why would you think that? Did you think it was just all fun and games? Pick your head up and look at me. I own you.
And if you think it was rough before, it's going to get so much worse for you. Roll over on your back, hands on your head. Maybe I should take a picture to document just how hard your cock is. Smile! Haha! We can have fun, you can worship me and jerkoff to me, but you have to prove that you deserve it. Go on, stroke your cock, I know you want to. Doesn't that feel so good? I know! See I can be nice. Now take your other hand and punch your balls. Do it! I know that you're not into ballbusting, but I know that you you know that I love it. And you wanna put a smile on my face, don't you? You wouldn't want me to expose you anymore, would you?
Punch them again. Good boy. Now you can stroke again. Stroke and rub your balls. There you go. Now give them a little slap. Good, no hesitation that time. I love that. Back on your stomach. You know my heels are pretty dirty. You wouldn't mind cleaning them off, would you? Pick your head up. Now I want you to lick my shoes clean. And I want you to suck the heels like it was a cock. Lick them. Suck my heel. Good boy. Now lick the soles of my shoes and I'm going to take a video while you do. You know I'm going to look at this later when you go home to your girlfriend. Are you two still dating or did I kinda ruin that?
Oh, you two worked it out? Good that makes these photos and videos even more useful. I love playing with you. I love having you like this. I've got you right where I want you. Get on your knees. Hands behind your head. Good boy. Now you're gonna pretend to fuck me. Pretend the air is my pussy and show me how you'd fuck me if I ever let you. Idiot. You look so stupid. Do you think when I watch you like that, that it turns me on? Is your girlfriend pleased with that? Stroke your cock. Stop. Stroke your cock. Stop. Now spit on your cock. No you can't stroke it again, I just wanted you to spit on it. Now stay right there. Good I just want one more picture with spit dripping off of it. It looks like cum. I wonder if your girlfriend could tell the difference? I think I got all I want out of you. We're going to play later, right?

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